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Olympic is a well known company in the Chicago-land area, providing express moving services to most of the Northern Midwest. They also offer state-to-state moves to any location in the country, as well as corporate moving services.

According to Olympic, if you're moving in the Northern Midwest, your items can be picked up and delivered to your new location in as little as three days. Delicate, fragile or irreplaceable items can be crated for protection. Olympic is a member of the Illinois Better Business Bureau, and has been providing moving services for nearly 5 years.

But customers know best. How is Olympic Moving and Storage? Are their claims accurate? Leave your experiences as a comment or rate them below, and let others know just how well Olympic met your moving expectations.

Contact Olympic at or 800.399.0589.


Mayflower Transit

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Well, defenitly one of the biggest names in the moving industry, how ever not the cheapest I can tell you that.

Mayflower works with many small moving companies which they give licenses to work under the Mayflower brand name.

not too much I can say about them personally, but I'm sure you people could contribute from your own moving expiriences.

Contact mayflower at or 1-800-241-1321


Reliance Relocation Services

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This one I'm adding first, as this company were the moving company I've used for my own move about 2 months ago, from new jersey to Texas.

I had a very smooth move and everything was delivered as promised, so, I have nothing bad to say about them. I can only say that I highly recommend them to anyone who is in their service area.

You can contact them by phone at 1-800-949-6169 or at their website:


How to rate your moving company

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Moving companies make alot of money, that we know, but they do work hard for it and if we need and we pay for their moving services we'll make them work even harder for every penny.

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